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Sump pumps stop working when the power goes out, unless you have a home generator. A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Service  highly recommend having a backup pump system installed in case of an emergency to help prevent flooding. There are a few different systems available.  Each has a place and time to use. When you call A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Service we will determine what system would work best for your situation.

First there is a battery backup pump that uses a DC pump. The model that A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing recommends is the PHCC 2400 system.

sewer & drain

PHCC Pro Series 2400


2,400 GPH at 10 ft. lift

12-volt DC sump pump with decades of proven reliability

(2) Caged dual float switches for added reliability

Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails

Remote monitoring capability with additional PHCC Pro Series CONNECT Modules allow you to receive real time alerts

pro series 2400

USB Data Port and Remote Terminals connect to external devices such as PHCC Pro Series CONNECT Modules, home automation systems or other devices for remote notification

Backup will assist primary pump if excessive amounts of water are entering the sump pit

System pumps intermittently for days

Can run directly on AC power and battery power

Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails

Recharges battery automatically

Designed for use with maintenance or maintenance free batteries

Accommodates up to two (2) B-2200 batteries for 100 hours of pumping (Based on 10% duty cycle. Run times may vary based on inflow of water.)

3 Year Warranty
Controller Features: 

Unique monitoring controller detects irregularities of pump and power conditions

Sounds and alarm, pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel

Receive notifications about your PHCC Pro Series pumps and backup sump pump system while away from home using a PHCC Pro Series CONNECT module

Alarm can be silenced during a power outage

Runs pump weekly to test for proper operation

Displays percentage of power remaining in the battery

Sump Pro

The next system is a battery inverter which provides power to your AC pump during a power outage.  A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Service  like to install two pumps with this system with an alternator that switches each pump per cycle.  The best inverter system is the SumpPro.

back up pump

Another popular system is a water powered sump pump.  A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing service does not recommend this type of backup pump due to the waste of water and potential of causing a flood if the pump breaks.  Most municipales codes will not allow these to be installed as well.